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What is the 5th Dojo Kun Character Book About?

The fifth book in author-illustrator Jenifer Tull-Gauger’s character-building children’s picture book series tackles the subject of impulsiveness.

Impulsiveness can be a good thing, helping us to be creative and try new things.

When Michi has problems with a bully at school…

…Impulsiveness helps her to successfully deal with the bully.

But then Impulsiveness starts to get her into trouble.

Michi does more and more wild and reckless things.

Will Impulsiveness make Michi do something that she will regret for a long time?

“The Think, Then Do Karate Kid: a Dojo Kun Character Book on Controlling Impulsiveness” is available to order anywhere that sells new books. Order this children’s character-building picture book today, to help the children in your life learn about self-control. It is geared toward kids from ages five through 11.

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Jenifer Tull-Gauger Kyoshi

Children's picture book author/illustrator. Traditional karate teacher and practitioner. Loves drawing and all kinds of art. Also into animals, plants and Mother Nature.

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