Dishonesty’s Garden Growing List

Learn a bit about the bad "guy" in a children's character-building picture book through her garden plans. She is called Dishonesty and is a spider. In the story, she weaves tangled webs around two karate friends, encouraging them to lie and fib. If she had her own plot for growing, here is what Dishonesty’s garden would include. You might learn a little about plants too!

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Michi as a Baby: a Main Character Portrait

Here you will find a picture of Michi as a baby, but in my second picture book story, she’s nine years old. She’s a sweet American “girl next door.” Michi and her good friend Makoto both love dogs and they each yearn to have one for a pet. That's when the trouble starts.

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“The Can-Do Karate Kid” Cover Liberty Bell

Someone asked me why I have the Liberty Bell as one of the symbols on the cover of my debut karate children’s picture book. It was not random or an accident. I thoughtfully and purposefully chose that symbol. It is only one aspect of “The Can-Do Karate Kid” cover symbolism. Join me as we explore this symbol on the cover and what it represents.

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