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Printable Bookmarks with “The Can-Do Karate Kid”

My children’s picture book, “The Can-Do Karate Kid,” came out last week and to celebrate, we have printable bookmarks! You can print in full color on nice paper – that’s my preference. But to be practical, and still look nice, there is a gray scale version as well. That one can be printed on white paper or card-stock. Or you can use colored paper to still give a nice brightness while still being economical with ink, depending on your printer. There are six bookmarks to each 8 ½ by 11” page. And guidelines for cutting them out. The nice thing is they butt up to each other so unlike some printable bookmarks, you don’t have to make four individual cuts to cut out each bookmark.

Examples of Printable Bookmarks

I collected these types of pre-made printable bookmarks as a kid. They often came from the library or from my teachers. I still have many to this day, because of the common readers’ habit of using anything else except official bookmarks to keep my place in books.

Full-Color Printable Bookmarks

Full Color Printable Bookmarks
Right click on the full color printable bookmarks image to select print.

Some of my first memories involved books. For example, I remember getting to pick out a Curious George book or two for my dad to read at bedtime. I was probably five then and remember my joy at getting to choose from our home collection. Dad says when I was younger I called that good little monkey “Mercurious George.”

Children’s Picture Books from my Early Years

In those early years, some of my other favorite books were the Amelia Bedelia series, “Ickle Bickle Robin,” “The Littlest Rabbit,” “’Stand Back,’ Said the Elephant, ‘I’m Going to Sneeze!’” “The Pig Who Saw Everything,” “Gus and the Baby Ghost,” “All the Pretty Horses,” and “Brave Brush-Tail Possum.” Those made the biggest impression on me. There were many other favorite picture books too. And as I grew and started to read my own bedtime stories, my reading level grew into chapter books. Then I had more need for printable bookmarks to keep my place. But I often returned to my favorite picture books all through elementary school. They were comforting old friends to me.

Those picture books planted a dream seed in me, of creating my own picture books one day. Decades later, my first in a series of fictional children’s karate picture books is available to the world. You can check it out on Amazon here.

Printable Bookmarks for Black Ink, Less Ink

Gray Scale Printable Bookmarks
Right click on the black and white printable bookmarks image to select print.

-Jenifer Tull-Gauger

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