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Children’s Writers: Top Five Favorites

There are some people who talk about being children’s writers because they think it’s an easy way to break into being a great author. Then there are those of us who write for children because in our hearts we have the burning desire to do so. And we know it is not easy. As fellow children’s author Joseph Kimble said, “Writing simply and directly only looks easy. It takes skill and sweat and fair time to do the job.”

One of the perks of writing for children is that I get to spend time with other children’s writers. Here are my top five favorite things about them.

5) Children’s Writers with Positive Attitudes

I have found this by meeting and being acquainted with other kid lit writers. We mostly tend to be positive as a general whole. I have attended many conferences, workshops and networking meetings that are specifically for children’s writers and illustrators. At these events, it’s not too difficult to find others with positive attitudes.

4) A Wholesome Bunch

Again, I have seen this trend over and over on the path of my writing adventure. Children’s writers are generally wholesome. They are pretty grounded in life. I think this is part of us wanting to be good role models for kids.

children's writers at a library book fair
children’s authors at a book festival

3) Children’s Writers Helping and Teaching

Most of the kid lit writers that I have gotten to know value things that can help children. Most of them want to create such things with their writing and put them out into the world. Some are natural teachers who use the media of children’s literature to promote knowledge in order to help youth. Some are even real teachers, or retired teachers who use their skills in print to teach kids.

2) A Creative Group

Children’s writers are creatives and artists. Even if they “can’t draw to save a life,” they are artists with words as they write. They are open to inspiration and familiar with the creative process of bringing something from idea to actual being. I love creativity, whether it’s my own or somebody else’s. I relish time spent associating with other creatives.

1) Children’s Writers Making the World a Better Place

My number one top favorite thing about kid lit writers is that they want to make the world a better place. They have a mind to focus on helping children now. That indicates their strong hope for the future as those youngsters grow up. Again, writing for children is not easy, quick or simple. But those of us who persevere are demonstrating our work at making the world a better place. If you’d like to read about my top five favorite things about being a writer, they are here.

If you are interested in writing for youth of any age, or would like to learn more about it, and would like the privilege of spending time with children’s writers and illustrators, I have a group for you. It’s the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. The SCBWI is an international organization for those who are serious about children’s literature. Check out your local chapter and consider if you are ready accept their assistance to make your writing more professional.

-Jenifer Tull-Gauger

three children's writers and illustrators in a SCBWI booth
children’s writers and illustrators

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