Illustrator’s Block: The Struggle is Real

Writer's block is a commonly known concept. Personally, I don’t suffer from debilitating writer’s block (apologies to writer friends who do). Writing comes easily for me, whether good or bad (that can be decided later). For me, it’s illustrator’s block that plagues my creativity.

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Dishonesty’s Garden Growing List

Learn a bit about the bad "guy" in a children's character-building picture book through her garden plans. She is called Dishonesty and is a spider. In the story, she weaves tangled webs around two karate friends, encouraging them to lie and fib. If she had her own plot for growing, here is what Dishonesty’s garden would include. You might learn a little about plants too!

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Art Critique with Mel

Earlier this year, I was privileged to have an art critique session with Mel Narish for my second Dojo Kun Character Book. This picture book for kids just came out in hardcover. It’s called "The Two True Karate Kids" and is about battling dishonesty. Anyway, here’s a peek at how my meeting with Mel went.

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Karate Picture Book in the World

Two months ago, I went to read my first karate picture book to a kindergarten class. In uniform, I introduced myself and told them the reason I was there. “I made this book so that kids who don’t train at my dojo, maybe who don’t do martial arts and who live in other parts of the world can learn some of the most important lessons of karate.”

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