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Book Festival’s Character and Celebrity Pics

At the Payson Book Festival, in July of 2022, I had some fun picture opportunities. I attended to showcase my children’s character building picture books. There were all kinds of other books there too, for children, young adults and adults. This Book festival is specific for authors from Arizona. Many of them are indie authors like me. A picture says a thousand words, so here is the handful of character and celebrity pictures I got.

Dolly‘s Appearance at the Book Festival

I got a picture of Dolly Parton and myself with my books. (Okay, it was her cardboard cut-out, in case you couldn’t tell.) She had a booth there to promote her Imagination Library. This is a program that ships free books to children in underserved zip codes. Children in qualifying areas who are signed up receive books from birth until they start school. It’s a great way to build a free library. And it’s easy to see if the child in your life qualifies, by looking up their zip code on Dolly’s website.


This group of ghostbusters posed with me for a picture. Too bad it doesn’t show their super cool high-tech-looking detailed backpacks.

Laziness, Procrastination and Dishonesty

This was a completely candid picture with these bad guys (from my first two books), my books and I. It was when I was almost set up and ready for the book festival. I hadn’t yet changed into the rest of my outfit.

Quitting Showed His Ugly Mug at the Book Festival

The quitting monster antagonist wrestles against the kids in my third picture book. You can see from his face that he’s a mean one. And you can see that I’m not too happy to fight him – yet again. He’s the one that puts obstacles in our way when we have a big goal we want to accomplish.

Story Monster

The Story Monster was a pro at being a mascot, with all of his/her energy and non-verbal enthusiasm. Their website explains what the monster represents: “Story Monsters®, home to the award-winning Story Monsters Ink® magazine, is the literary resource for teachers and librarians and the marketing and production solution for authors and publishers of children’s books.” There is even a press release announcing the monster’s appearance.

The Payson Book Festival is a fun literary event for all ages. Consider putting it on your calendar for next July! (Details are usually released around the beginning of the year.)

-Jenifer Tull-Gauger

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