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A karate girl earns her certificate.

Bob’s Advice for Karate Girl on Going to Karate


I am 10. Sometimes I ask, ‘Dad, why do I have to go to karate?’ He always makes me go even when I don’t feel like it.

– Karate Girl


I spend a lot of time at traditional karate schools, and I know sometimes kids wonder why their parents make them go. I have seen that karate helps kids become stronger, smarter, faster, and better able to protect themselves.

My friend, Jenifer, is a karate teacher. She highly recommends karate for girls and women for many reasons. For one thing, it helps you gain confidence. Another is it helps you become stronger physically as well as mentally. Karate also teaches you to prevent dangerous situations and what you can do to become safe if you find yourself in danger. Plus, it’s fun! Jenifer said when she has days that she doesn’t feel like going to the dojo, she goes anyway. And after class, she always feels better and is so glad that she went.

karate girl accepting certificate
A karate girl earns her certificate.

Parents want their kids to grow and learn so that one day their children will be able to take care of themselves. They choose activities that will help their kids be healthier now. And things that will help them grow to be successful and independent. They also know that we all have good times and hard times in all things. If you stick it out in the hard times, you will learn a lot more and be so glad that you stuck with it.

You are lucky that you dad supports you in your training, even when he insists that you go. Karate is one of the best activities for children. Keep up your karate training! If you grow up in it, then when you are a young adult you will be ready to live your best, most successful life on full karate power!


-Bob Cat

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