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Bob’s Advice for Tech Troubles

Dear Bob,

Can you help me? I made my own website but now I can’t figure out how to finish it. The menu and forms are not showing up or not usable. I have tried a lot of different ways, but they just don’t seem to work.


Tech Troubles

Dear Tech,

Firstly, I’m glad to hear that you are learning new things on your own. How brave of you to do something creative that a lot of adults would be afraid to do. And you are only in your teen years!

Remember, there is usually a “learning curve” for new skills. So, it might take a lot more time, effort and questions now. That’s normal so don’t be frustrated. Take heart that as you figure out your website and make more in the future, you will find that website design gets easier and faster for you. The same is also true for most skills as you get more experience.

Focus on patience and taking one step at a time.

Since you seem to feel stuck in your progress, why don’t you ask for help from a friend who has more website design experience? Or you could ask in a Google search using words with your website provider’s name and the specific action you are having trouble with. This is a worthwhile skill to learn, so above all, keep on trying.


-Bob Cat

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