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Bob’s Advice for Your Annoying Little Brother


My little brother is so annoying! I’m nine years old and he’s six. He’s always bothering me, messing with my stuff, and won’t leave me alone. I tell him to stop, but he doesn’t listen. If I force him to stop, I get in trouble. What do I do? 

– Annoyed Big Sis


I have a big brother, and when we were kits, he probably felt just like you do. I always wanted to be around him because I looked up to him. I wanted to learn from him. The time I spent with my big brother was the best time of my young life. Try to see things from your brother’s point of view. 

Here’s what I would recommend. Try spending a little time with your brother every day. You could play a game together, or draw, or build a fort. Here’s a list of 30 fun activities that sound right up your alley. If you just spend 15 minutes a day with your brother, it will mean the world to him. Make sure you sometimes do things he likes to do, at least a few times a week. Then you can start to set some boundaries by telling him, “Now I need some ‘me time.’”

A little regular time with your brother will go a long way. If you give him time and show him respect, and then ask him to respect your “me time,” he will be likely to go along with it.


-Bob Cat

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