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A Typical Week in the Life of Makoto

In my children’s picture book, “The Can-Do Karate Kid,” we get a glimpse of the family calendar showing a fairly typical week in the life of Makoto. Makoto is the main character. He struggles with Laziness and Procrastination. In fact, they get in the way of his big plan for the week, which is to take a karate belt test. Here’s what a typical week looks like for Makoto.

Sunday in a Typical Week

On Sunday, Makoto and his family go over to Nana’s house around four-o-clock. There, they hang out, relax and recharge from their previous week. They all enjoy spending some quality time with Nana. I know, this is an idealistic picture. And one that many families don’t get to have. But some do. And those families also have their struggles in life just like the rest of us. That time with Nana is precious, so if you are lucky enough to have it, like Makoto, participate and enjoy.


On Monday, Makoto goes to school (strolling in late as usual). Then he moseys on home where he is expected to do his homework and his chores. But in Makoto’s typical week, he puts those off as long as he can. Instead, he watches screens and plays as many video games as he can get away with.

A typical week for the Can-Do Karate Kid
Makoto’s week in “The Can-Do Karate Kid” story.


Tuesday starts out a lot like Monday. But that evening, Makoto has karate class. So Mom reminds him more than usual to get his homework done. He has a big after school snack before his active karate workout. And a light dinner afterward.  

Wednesday in a Typical Week

Wednesday is Makoto’s favorite day. He looks forward to either having Michi over after school or going to her house. Of course, they do play some video games and watch TV. But they also practice their karate katas and play outside. They often like to play tag, or kick the soccer ball around or play catch.


Thursday is very much like Tuesday. More school and homework. And chores. At least Makoto has karate that evening to break up the daily grind. And to get him moving, having fun learning, and exercising.

The Can-Do Karate Kid at breakfast.
Makoto having breakfast with Laziness and Procrastination.


Even though Friday is a lot like Monday, Makoto doesn’t mind. That’s because it’s Friday and that means no school the next two days. Plus, that evening is family dinner night. And on the really good Fridays, they have sushi. California rolls are Makoto’s favorite food.

Saturday in a Typical Week

It is very hard for Makoto to get out of bed on Saturday morning. But his parents insist, because he has karate that morning. He kind of wishes he could just sleep in. But by the end of each karate class, Makoto is feeling good. His blood is pumping, he is having fun, and he feels alive and positive. Saturday morning karate is a great way to set the mood for the rest of the weekend.

Even though Makoto drags his feet so much he’s usually late to everything, it helps him to have a weekly calendar on the wall. That way he knows what’s coming up and eventually he can learn to plan for events. And to actually be on time. If you are interested in using a weekly calendar to help you plan, there are a lot of options. I personally like this one.

-Jenifer Tull-Gauger

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